Call for Papers

COVID-19 update:

Business Ethics in the 6ix will not be held in the usual format this year. The keynote and invited speakers have been released from the promise to participate. A scaled-down version of the event may happen online depending on the level of interest in such a format. If you are interested in participating in an online version of the workshop please submit your paper by March 31, as outlined in the original call for papers (below).

Submissions for Business Ethics in the 6ix, vol. 4 are now open. To be considered for inclusion in the program, please send a fully anonymized version of your paper to

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2020. Decisions will be reached and communicated to authors by April 15. Submitting full papers is encouraged. Abstracts will be considered but not on equal footing. We will include up to 5 submitted papers in the 2020 program.

Business Ethics in the 6ix is an annual event in Toronto where new research in business ethics is discussed. Half of the papers are circulated prior to the event. Sessions for those papers begin with a 10-minute commentary, followed by a 10-minute response by the speaker, and a 30-minute question period. The remaining sessions are held in traditional academic conference format.

The fourth edition of BE6 will take place May 11-12, 2020 at the Ted Rogers School of Management near Dundas Square. The keynote speaker will be Professor Amy Sepinwall (Wharton Business School).

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