5631356247_442fa2f969_oThe universities in the greater Toronto area (GTA) are collectively home to an impressive group of scholars working on business ethics. The purpose of this annual forum is to both further dialogue and tighten networks within this group, as well as to increase its external connections and visibility.

During the ongoing pandemic, BE6 has switched to an online format without invited speakers, and with every paper being pre-read. We hope to return to an in-person conference in 2023 which will allow us to return to our traditional format described below.


Half the sessions are held in traditional academic conference format. For the other half, papers are circulated prior to the event; these papers are not presented at the event. Such sessions begin with a 10-minute commentary, followed by a 10-minute response by the speaker, and a 30-minute question period.

Every year the forum features a keynote by a prominent business ethicist from outside the GTA, and three invited speakers from schools in the GTA. Further slots are filled via an open call for submissions.

Business Ethics in the 6ix is organized and hosted by Hasko von Kriegstein and generously supported by the Ted Rogers Leadership Centre.

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